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Funding available for heating upgrades in Melcombe Regis

Weymouth & Portland Borough Council has been successful in securing £1.7m in funding towards a ‘Heat Melcombe Regis’ initiative.

The funding comes from National Grid’s ‘Warm Homes Fund’, and will go towards first time gas central heating installations in homes in the Melcombe Regis area.

Grants could be provided for up to 500 properties to receive an efficient, affordable, controllable gas heating system. Funds will be targeted at households struggling to meet their heating costs, or households with medical conditions worsened by living in cold homes.

Cllr Gill Taylor, Weymouth & Portland Borough Council’s Briefholder for Housing, said:

“This funding is a great opportunity for residents to make significant heating improvements to their homes.Grants which cover the full cost of the works will be available for both home owners and to privately rented properties.


“With other funding also available to provide better insulation, smart controls and low energy lighting, households in the ward will be able to benefit from lower energy costs and improved living conditions.”

Melcombe Regis has been identified as a priority area for the council with areas within the ward continually reported as being amongst the more deprived in the country. Fuel poverty is reported to affect 21 per cent of households in the park district.

The Heat Melcombe Regis initiative will be managed by the borough council’s delivery partners, Aran Services Ltd and Happy Energy Solutions Limited.

Home owners and landlords are encouraged to contact Heat Melcombe Regis by calling 01305 550556,emailing hello@heatmelcomberegis.org.uk or by completing the "Apply Now" form at heatmelcomberegis.org.uk