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Broken Boiler?

A broken boiler can be a right pain, especially if it happens during the winter months! And although it is advised to have a professional engineer to carry out any repairs, not all problems need an engineer. There are a handful of common boiler issues that you can have a go at solving before you call out a professional.

How do I know my boiler is broken?

Besides the obvious, if your boiler doesn’t heat your home, there are a couple of thing to watch out for that are indicative of boiler breakdowns. For example the pilot light is meant to be blue, so if the flame is any other color or doesn’t come on, this means you boiler isn’t working properly. If you hear any banging or taping coming from your boiler or the pressure on the gauge is too high, this is also is a sign of a broken boiler. This may sound silly at first, but do check that your electricity supply is working and the boiler is plugged in. It also might be a good idea to switch your boiler off and on at the plug socket, sometimes boilers just need a little rest. If these little tricks don’t help, you should check the following;

  • Ensure that your gas supply is working

See if any other gas appliances around your house are working or not.

  • Ensure that your water supply is working

Without water your boiler will have nothing to heat up, so make sure you have a working water supply.

  • Check the thermostat

Ensure that the setting on your thermostat is on and is set above the room temperature.

  • Check your boiler pressure

For the hot water to properly circulate around the house the gauge needle needs to be somewhere between 1 and 2 bar.

  • Check your pipes

When it gets too cold, it is very common for the outside pipes to freeze, especially if they’re not insulated. The frozen water inside the pipes creates a blockage, so try defrosting the pipes by putting hot water on the pipes.